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It is the selling of your debtor invoices today for cash because you don’t want to or cannot wait for your debtor to pay you in 30 – 60 days. We pay you up to 80% of the invoice value and take a negotiated discount on the purchase as our fee. Your debtor invoices are an asset in your business and like any asset it can be sold.

It is a fast, flexible way to fund your business. Unlike a bank loan that requires to be securitised, the invoices you sell act as the security. It allows you to raise funding in instances where a bank loan is out of reach.
When we buy your invoices we negotiate a daily rate that is calculated from the day you receive the funds until your Customer pays the invoice. Think of it as an overdraft, you only pay for the time the funds are utilised. The transaction can be structured in such a way to make it very affordable.
It is important to remember that we do not loan you money and you don’t pay it back. We buy an asset at a discount and we get paid by your Customers. The discount that we withhold at the time of the purchase is our fee for providing the service.
The nature of the transaction we offer you will determine the outcome in the event of a Customer default. In some cases, we will take recourse against you and exchange the invoices for another Customer’s invoices, or we could provide Credit Insurance in order to protect ourselves from non-payment.
We pride ourselves in our quick application and approval process. If all the requested information is received from you, we will provide an answer in 4-5 working days. Once you are a registered client, we can fund within 24 hours after we receive a funding request.
Once we have received your application, we will inform you on what we need. Usually it will be CIPRO documentation and your Debtor’s Age Analysis.
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