2506, 2020

5 Ways to Help Your Business Adapt to Changing Times

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One of our clients has robustly embraced the challenge of change. They aligned their business around the undeniable fact that the next generation will not be doing things as they have [...]

2204, 2020

How to Spend Money Wisely to Grow Your Business

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You obviously want to grow your business, that’s why you are in business. But what do you spend your money on? And how much? […]

2404, 2018

Attending Tender Briefing sessions, Site Meetings & Information Sessions

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If you have ever responded to a request for quotation or a competitive bid or tender, you will have come across a ‘Briefing Session, Site Meeting or Information Session’. These [...]

2504, 2017

What Does the Ratings Downgrade Mean for Your Cash Flow?

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Few people realise that the largest source of business funding in South Africa is provided by private companies themselves. Businesses extend credit to their customers and obtain credit from their [...]